Two Giveaways, Two Winners and One More!

I know I’m a bit behind, but the giveaway for the Durtbagz bag went out to Durtbagz owner to be judged . . . so thanks to Erin’s carefully sifting through the ideas, we finally have a winner:

Sandy’s take on a Men Working or Men At Work sign bagged it: She said “men working- either a man sleeping and snoring or on the computer playing games and poker”

Sandy’s a two-time winner, so I don’t have to track her down. Which reminds me: if I haven’t whined about it enough (me? whine? never . . .), I love giving stuff away but hate it when people don’t claim their stuff. It means I have it sitting here, tempting me to keep it! And that would be baaaad.

So for all of you who might be tempted to comment and run, I’ve got the solution. Two new subscribers in the month of November will have their names pulled to win a Nintendo game from Game Factory Games! The perfect stocking stuffer, the Build a Bear Workshop a Friend Fur All Seasons game lets you bring home their favorite store . . . and keeps you from having to shell out more cash each time they want to build that bear. So subscribe now to get in on the winning.

One last announcement: the Jakfish giveaway for the comfy maternity clothes that keep you from looking dumpy (approximate rhyme there folks – I know, I know) was blown out of the water thanks to the Bloggy Giveaways Carnival.

I was happy the winner actually is pregnant and can really use a new Jakfish outfit! Kristin Wynder was the pick of the day. She left her e-mail address in the comments, so no chasing her either.

Thanks to everyone for reading – make sure you check out the giveaways that are up right now and tell a friend or two – the 13 Days of Giveaways for the holidays will start on Black Friday.

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