What Child Is This? Sing It With Me

Looking around for a holiday album that’s packed with enough variety to keep the spirit going even when your child’s dumped the cookie sprinkles across the kitchen and the cat’s knocked over the tree?

Susie Tallman’s latest CD is a Christmas classic already, a disc of 30 tracks from your standard Santa Claus is Coming to Town sung in Tallman’s crystal clear and friendly voice to an Aussie twist on Christmas courtesy of Tallman’s rendition of the Willy the Wombat holiday story. With jokes and sweet children’s voices wishing you happy holidays in different languages, Tallman’s A Child’s Christmas brings out the kid in all of us to celebrate with the holiday spirit we really never lost.

And for those kids who like singing along (I was always one of those who wanted to read along, word for word, tone deaf and loud as anything), the liner notes share the full lyrics for a family sing-along . . . after the dog’s licked up the sprinkles.

Available from RockMeBaby Records, Susie Tallman’s A Child’s Christmas will be the soundtrack of holidays for years to come.

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  1. Love love love Christmas music. I already started to listen to Pandora.com’s holiday music selection. Yes, though it is still before Thanksgiving, I’m completely into this.Thanks for sharing!

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