Zwaggle Your Troubles Away

I usually wait until my daughter has gone to bed before I attack her playroom. Like Niecey on Clean House, I make my piles: this is garbage, this is recyclable, this is a disgusting sippy full of milk that somehow ended up in the toy box (aren’t you glad this isn’t a smellable post?), and this . . . this is getting passed on to some other poor sap, er, mom who “needs” it for her kid.

They grow out of their clothes, grow past their toys and stop needing all of those must-haves you registered for pre-shower so quickly, it’s a wonder parents have time to parent with all the buying and purging we have to do.

Enter Zwaggle. The parent-centric site is a one-stop-shop for exchanging the goods of family life. Although Freecycle and its ilk have their place, Zwaggle’s parent-products-only set-up limits how many offers you have to weed through before finding a new stroller for you and a new home for that enormous exersaucer.

Post your goods to give away, find a new home for them, and you earn “zoints” toward some hand-me-downs of your very own. An integrated FedEx tool helps make shipping the goods out of the house manageable, and parents limit the flow into the landfill.

Just want to say bye bye to it all? Donate your Zoints to a collection of charities, and you get double the benefit. A clean house, and a clean soul. Talk about thanksgiving.

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  1. what a great site? Thank!

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