A Gift for Them That Makes Your Life Easier?

It’s probably selfish to say we want our kids to learn to make our lives easier. Now stop and think about it . . . kind of true, right?

The Learn to Dress dolls from International Playthings are the toys to get the tots who are still figuring how fingers fit around zippers, inside buttonholes and on top of snaps. With Emma for the girls and Jake for the boys, IPlay has made learning to dress yourself part of making a new friend and constant companion. She’s got a bright grin, cuddly bear and that button-closed pocketbook. He sports a skateboard and a baseball cap for practicing just the right brim-over-forehead perch.

Outfitted in clothes that will make them the master of their new buddy’s dressing success, the iPlay Learn to Dress Dolls are the Inside Out holiday find for families who want to get a jump on that next milestone and still put a smile on their face when they rip the paper off the box.

And at under the $25 mark, it’s got to the corner on all-purpose toys – good for your pocketbook too.

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