Ballet Shoes for When They’re On the Couch

DVDs make for an easy stocking stuffer, and this year’s sweet holiday deal takes Noel Streatfeild’s orphans-done-good tale to the small screen.

Ballet Shoes was made for the BBC with Harry Potter’s female wizard star Emma Watson standing en pointe as the oldest of the Fossil sisters, three orphans brought home by an eccentric scientist to be cared for by his niece – an orphan herself. The scientist disappears – and with him his money – leaving the niece to scrimp and save to keep the family afloat. A boarder brought in to help pay the bills hits on the idea of sending the Fossil girls off to performing arts school, where they can keep up their education and learn a trade to help support the family.

The sweet story of sisterhood, success and dancing, Ballet Shoes lets little girls know they can let their dreams fly – but they don’t need to leave their roots behind, no matter how shallow.

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  1. Have you seen this? I saw the previews and never got to hear where it was playing? Did I miss it at my fave theatre….mon Dieu!It looked like a cool film (even though my son would not like ANYTHING remotely associated wth Harry Potte-d!)

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