Everywhere I Go . . . iGo

There used to be six different chargers, the cords all wrapped up like a pile of Christmas lights, in a basket in my living room bookshelf. When I got the iGo, I started a serious cleaning regimen.

The universal charger has made bringing life back to all our electronics that much simpler with ends that fit not only into the car but the regular wall power outlet. iGo has embraced universal in a way that suits all of our techie needs – inside and out.

The iGo everywhere power adaptor makes the dying iPod issue non-existant – whether you’re near the computer or not. Buy extra power tips, and that same adaptor can power up your wireless phone, their portable game console or the family’s digital camera. No more piles of wrapped up cords, just a pouch (included with the iGo everywhere) of options for everywhere your family wants to be, and everything they need to see.

So pack it in their stocking this holiday, and see where it will take them.

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