Fishing for an Education

Forget the magnetic fish. I’ve found a fishing game that makes our kids think they’re playing around . . . while they’re actually learning something.

Not surprisingly, Polar Bear ABC comes from Cranium, the game company that’s all about the brain. The cute little bear comes complete with a pole and a pond, and a pile of letters. Kids get a jump on spelling with icebergs packed with letter spaces, and it’s their job to fill them in.

Directed at kids 3 and up, it’s a game that takes patience when you’re playing with the younger kids, but Polar Bear ABC gives them a taste of what’s to come – using those letters they’re just learning to make words like “cape” and “train” that will take them off on another adventure.

And this is another holiday find that won’t hurt the wallet – consider it $10 thrown into the wishing well for their education. The fun comes in fishing it out.

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