Rowdy Sprout for Your Growing Sprout

You could dress your kids in something red or green and covered in Santas and reindeer this Christmas. Then again, if you wouldn’t be caught dead in one of those outfits yourself, why are you doing it to your kids?

Rowdy Sprout lets you dress your kids like the little punks they are. The line of snapsuits and tees for boys and girls, with an extra set of drop waist dresses for the girls, are like a trip back into the annals of musical history. Think Hendrix and AC/DC taking over their Wiggles’ hearts. That’s music to your ears, isn’t it?

The 100 percent cotton tees are silk-screened, giving them that retro aged look that’s in at the moment, but allowing the clothes to stand up to toddler life . . . and the requisite frequent washings that come with it.

Rowdy Sprout’s Yellow Submarine dress
will be pulled out not only for the holidays (when she won’t have to worry about getting mashed potatoes on her crinolines) but for months after, when she can rock around the house, the car, the supermarket . . . and keep sprouting up.

For your sprout who’s about to rock, how about letting this holiday get a little rowdy?

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