Save a Little for Baby and Me

The gifts for baby start looking the same after awhile – clothes. Clothes. More clothes. A stuffed animal or two.

The first Christmas after a baby is born is usually more about Mom and Dad anyway. Even a baby born in January can just barely open the gifts, and the more sensible the present, the more their parents will smile.

The Munny Journey is both sensible and a total departure from the sameness of most of those baby gifts. A book not unlike the standard baby book, it’s a journal of their money, from the first savings bond purchase to the first fistful of coins plunked in their little piggy bank.

Financial literacy may not be fun, but it’s something baby will one day need – especially in this economy! And for parents navigating the exhausting (and expensive) road of child rearing, the Munny Journey helps them get a jump start on making a life for a baby who will one day need money for that first car, for college, for a wedding, a down payment on a house.

With place for pictures, letters from Mom and Dad, even a special pocket for their state quarter, the Munny Journey is a whole new kind of baby book, and one that will tell the story not just of their early days but of their future.

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  1. From a financial nut, this book is so cool.

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