Winning Begins Today

The first of the 13 Days of Giveaways has closed out, along with the first-ever subscriber giveaway. The holidays also put me a little behind in announcing our last pre-holiday giveaway winner. So here we go:

First up, the Little Chickie Wear tee goes to Baba – for her granddaughter according to her comment! Baba, shoot me an e-mail, and I’ll get designer Gwen to send a shirt her way. The rest of you, check out Gwen’s shop and find something for YOUR little darling.

The winners of the Build-A-Bear Games for Nintendo were chosen, and e-mails went directly to them. But if you’re a new reader, or you know anyone else who might enjoy the read, we have a new giveaway up for December. One new subscriber will receive a Dancing Tea Leaves teapot (and tea) from Numi Tea, so make sure you subscribe!

Finally: the first of our 13 Days of Giveaways, the plush personalized blanket from Fill-in-the-Blankie goes to AmyInMotown, for her William. By the way – to be totally transparent – this was one of those giveaways someone I know actually won! picked her, but Amy is a co-worker via the Internet over at Strollerderby – so check for her name while you’re reading my posts (not that I’m hinting or anything!). Thanks for all of the responses – there were some beautiful tributes. Fill-in-The-Blankie has decided to help make your holidays bright with a 10 percent off code for your own blankets. Use the promo code insout (all lowercase) at checkout.

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