Bug Your Bathtub

If you haven’t thrown up your hands and chucked all of the bath toys yet, I’m warning you: you will. It hasn’t seemed to matter WHAT I’ve done, I still end up with moldy, mildewy, soap slimed toys in my bathtub.

But since bath time is playtime in this household, I wasn’t throwing the toys out with the bath water. I called in reinforcements: Boon.

The company that put out the popular frog pod bath scoop has flown back onto the market with the LadyBug Pod.

Like its predecessor, the Bug Pod incorporates a wall-mountable shelf for toiletries with a removable scoop that parents skim through the water to pick up all the toys in one fell swoop. Dotted with holes, the scoop lets the water drain out, leaving the toys dry – and mold-free.

Improving on the frog model, the Bug Pod is both more compact (better for smaller spaces) and offers different mounting options to keep the pod in place. Parents who bemoaned the slipping suction cups on the frog will be happy to hear the Bug Pod comes packed with both the adhesive strips of the frog (which are as strong as purported, if attached correctly and not placed in direct line of the shower stream) and screws to keep the ladybug in place.

One again, Boon’s proven its name; it’s the company that parents want to have around come bath time.

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