Clean It Up With Clorox

I am not and never will be a germophobe. I have to say this because every time I mention a cleaning product, someone I know gets a wide smirk on his face.

We practice the five-second rule in this house, folks, so there is no phobia as far as the eye can see. Not to mention the three indoor cats, one indoor/outdoor cat and the very much indoor (and in bed, and in your lap, and on the couch . . . ) dog.

Which means “Mom, I’ll pour it” juice spills happen. But while I’m not crying over spilled juice, I’m not letting it sit there (are you?).

Which is why, in my infinite dorky mom moment, I was excited to hear Clorox came out with lavender-scented disinfecting wipes. (you, stop smirking). I’ve found that as parents we are brand-loyal as much because of what we had in our own houses growing up, and this is no exception. We were Clorox people. And now we ARE Clorox people.

That’s included the Clorox disinfecting wipes for the past few years, which I quickly learned not only cleaned up dog food dish gunk smeared on the floor but does a mean job on crayon on the side of the bathroom vanity. The sheets don’t tear easily, and as long as the lid is closed (hint to 3-year-old, hint to 3-year-old), they stay moist. They have a distinct advantage over a certain other brand, which seems to carry wipes that go dry because all of the disinfecting solution pools on the bottom of the tub.

And did I mention lavender? You know, the whole point of this non-germophobic post? Lemony fresh scent always worked for me, but the Clorox lavender disinfecting wipes almost make you feel like you’re doing something much more pleasant than wiping apple sugars off of the floor for the thirteenth time today.

Almost folks, I said almost. . .

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