Clickfree for You and Me

Remember the insanely easy back-up drive that even the performing monkey could handle?

They’re baaaaack.

Clickfree has been transforming the way Moms save their valuable digital pictures and bank statements before they let the kids loose on the computer with the back-up hard drive that does all the work for you.

Already had a hard-drive when you heard about it? No worries – they’ve got something for you too. The Clickfree Transformer is just what the name implies – a plug that transforms your USB compatible hard drive into a Clickfree drive.

No more configuring and figuring out what to save. Plug the hard-drive into the transformer, the transformer into the computer (anyone else hearing the thigh bone’s connected to the knee bone in their head? OK, just me).

We keep every bit of our lives on our computers, and we flip a lid when the blue screen of death starts flashing. But backing up always takes too long and takes too much work, so we don’t do it. OK, smack yourself and rethink this one – easy way to back up, that will save all our valuable stuff that will keep us from flipping out and crying in our Corn Flakes (and the knee bone’s connected to the . . . OK, OK, just me).

No brainer? Clickfree people – it’s for you and me.

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