En garde!

I spent a lot of time researching dress up kits for a recent round up of the best on the market over at Babble. But even the best sets were missing a few of the must-haves for reigning over kid-dom.

What’s a dress up set without a crown and sword?

The Sarah’s Silks Crown and Sword set at Magic Cabin has just the right panache for your kings, queens, princesses and princes. And while their loyal subjects will quake at the sound of their names, you don’t have to be shaking your head over nasty (toxic) plastics.

Made of 100 percent silk, the crowns and swords are soft, durable and safe. Yes – a soft sword, the thick foam on the inside makes the Sarah’s Silk swords ready for fun instead of hardcore war (because who wants to see the kids fight?). With a Velcro attachment, the Sarah’s Silk crowns adjust to fit kids with little noggins to big mommy-sized heads.

These are clothes fit for a king . . . or queen . . . or princess or . . . you get the idea.

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