Fat Ties for Little Boys

I always feel bad for the little kids when I’m shooting a wedding. Trying hard not to get dirty, they can’t resist scootching around on the floor.

The little boys are the worst – like the (non-metrosexual) big boys around the room, all they want to do is yank that tie off and run wily nily around the room. They just want to be little boys! Instead, they have to try to keep their shirts clean with this weird thing hanging off of their neck.

Not anymore.

Fat Tie has taken the tie off of the neck and secured it (with stitches) to the front of funky little tees for fun-loving little boys. Made of soft cotton, the tees are dress-down dress up – which the preschool set can still get away with, and should!

The shirts are $38 – a little pricer than your average tee, but think how much it would cost to buy them a shirt AND a tie and it’s easier to stomach the cost. Not having them yanking at their collar all night, of course, makes this one priceless.

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  1. These t-shirts with ties is a really cute idea!

  2. Aww… That makes me want a little boy!I have an award for you on my blog. Come over and check it out!

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