First in our Tummies

The last thing I need is a sugared-up kid.

She is hyper enough. She’s 3.

They tell me this is normal, but my genes might be playing a little role in all of this? But on the off-chance it is normal, I figured the rest of the parents out there need a little help along the way.

The newest secret? First Juice. The New Jersey-based company has rolled out sippy cup style bottles (phthalate-free bottles, I might add) filled with the sort of tastes you want them to start on – the good stuff.

A mixture of fruits and vegetables, including their soon-to-be famous purple carrot, First Juice has a hint of sweet to get them drinking without all the sugar to pack on the pounds. Breaking the “one hundred percent juice is best” method our moms followed, most of us water down our kids’ juice (at the pediatrician’s suggestion) to cut out empty calories. First Juice does it for you – and adds in vegetables to the mix to up the nutrition content.

Worried your kids won’t drink a purple carrot juice? Don’t be. The First Juice apple and carrot tastes just like watered-down apple juice – with the added benefit of the beta carotene, lycopene and antioxidants packed in the colorful carrot – and the blueberry and purple carrot puts a hurting on the cobbler call.

Besides, give this to them first, and they’ll never know the difference.

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