Go Green and Save for Them

Parents who have gotten wise to online bargains have still struggled to find green for cheap. Worry no more.

Jill King, the mother behind Contests 4 Mamas, and sister Jennifer Eckerman will launch the first one-time big deal site for moms who want to save the environment while they’re saving money.

GreenBabyBargains, launched today, will follow the same premise as BabyBargains and the like, with a twist. Once a day, five days a week, the sisters will put up a bargain that’s eco-friendly. Opening at noon every day, Monday through Friday, the site will let parents buy, buy, buy until the product is exhausted.

To make it onto the site, the products will have to meet at least one of these criteria: chemical free (BPA, formaldehyde, etc.), eco-friendly packaging, made from sustainable, renewable or recycled materials , manufactured with minimal environmental impact, fairly traded, or made with minimal or no artificial materials (using organic, bamboo, soy, or non-toxic fabrics/fillers/dyes).

So they’ll be green – and at prices of at least 50 percent off of the retail price, they’ll be coming at you for a lot less green. So get bookmarking!

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