Green Away the Diaper Smell

The Classy Kid giveaway ended yesterday, and one of the products I was surprised no one picked up on was their set of Diaper Sacks.

I know, they’re not glamorous, but they caught my eye when I first started checking out the Classy Kid for one reason: I wanted to know how you make a plastic bag part of a “clean and green” line.

The answer? By making it environmentally degradable plastic. The bags are like most you’d find stowed in any well-stocked diaper bag, with that one exception. They sport tie-close handles to make sure diaper mess and smell stay inside, and they’re scented to help add a little stench control so your entire pile of fresh onesies in said bag don’t end up with an eau de poo poo.

But they are also truly disposable, made of a plastic that breaks down in months rather than decades. Packed in sets of 75, it’s just $2.95 at Amazon for a resealable zip bag full of the Classy Kid Diaper Sacks.

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