If You Aren’t Already Convinced I’m a Dork . . .

Stop reading.

Because in the Sager household, the animals have all been named for children’s book characters. That means the cats – Madeline, Charlie Bucket, Veruca and Curious George.

And it means the dog – Olivia, named for the pig I consider a less bourgeois version of Eloise. And now my dog’s namesake is getting a TV show (so it has nothing to do with us, but hey, our little bit of extra love for Ian Falconer’s star piglet has got to count for something!).

Olivia the Pig hits Nickelodeon on Monday, and she’s got new episodes airing all week. Want a sneak peek at what’s in store? Jillian and I reviewed the premiere for Strollerderby – so check it out here!

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  1. yeah! thanks for sharing this b/c i had no idea. i keep buying mia olivia books and she does appreciate them but let’s be honest, her mommy is getting a lot out of them too. i hope the show features the one thing i love best about the books – “real” artwork made accessible for kids. but why don’t i see anything about it on Nick.com?

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