My Off the Wall Valentine

Valentine’s Day is so much better when you’re married – you can throw mushy out the window.

Case in point – the exercise bike. It’s what I wanted. So what if it isn’t romantic. Neither is my jiggly ass.

But for the rest of you who still want a little lovin’ for the coldest month of the year, I offer a whole new brand of mush: Mo Ganey Cards’ Love Pak.

They’re the cards for parents who know what it means to really make the moments count – because in two point five seconds a child might wander in that door, so you better make it a fast one buddy.

Hence cards that offer up a tantalizing promise: Tonight’s Workout: 1. Jump Rope. 2. Jumping Jacks. 3. Jump My Bones (No special gear needed).

The rest of the set is just as, well, dirty. And totally worth it. So get jumping . . . over to Mo Ganey Cards.

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  1. LOVE IT! These are totally me.

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