Numi Tea for the New Year (and New You)

Somehow, my first piece on Numi Tea got eaten – so those of you who have signed up for the December subscriber giveaway, wondering what you were signing up for, I apologize!

Numi Tea comes from a brother and sister team who have made a name for themselves with tea that doesn’t take a “tea expert” to enjoy.

If you look at tea the way I used to look at wine (terrified and feeling more than slightly overwhelmed), Numi’s iRelax box, packed with a simple organic tea and accompanying soothing sounds CD is your gateway to flavor. This is clean, relaxing . . . what tea was meant to be.

Ready to branch out? Their new Single Origins Tea Set is stocked with a ceramic pot painted with delicate flowers to match the delicate flavors of the accompanying tins of tea. From the highly caffeinated darjeeling from India to the caffeine free Rooibos of South Africa, the set takes you on an adventure around the world – and its all in your taste buds.

The final pick – the one that went to our winner for December (Deb Evans), the Dancing Leaves Teapot is the pot you want to have on hand for future nights in, a warm cup in your hand, while you’re cuddling on the couch. The delicate glass pot lets the flowering teas of blossom while you watch, and lets you pour out your heart.

Bookmark Numi’s collection of tea boxed sets for any gift you need to throw together this year – and let them take your stress away.

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