Penny for Their Thoughts

For folks who have lost their grandmothers, I warn you, invest in some tissues before you read this post:

The new favorite book in our household is an ode to grandmothers. Penny Love by Lisa Soares Hale is a simple love story, the tale of a little girl who finds a penny on a walk with Grandma only to spend the rest of her life picking up lucky coins along the way.

With a penny love jar for the coins she finds, the little girl grows up and finds her collection growing too. When Grandma is gone, the jar is still there, a shining reminder that Grandma’s love is too.

Pennies get a bad rap – you know the old saying, like a bad penny . . . ? Sometimes, always turning up is what Grandmas do best, they’re a constant in kids’ lives even when they’re gone.

Penny Love
is a story for every Grandma to buy her grandkids, and for grandkids to buy Grandma this year. Just make sure you wrap it up with a penny to start their collection.

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