We’re Back!!

Hello 2009!

’08 went out with a whimper thanks to a migraine headache to beat all migraine headaches, but I hope you all had a good one. So what’s back? Reviews should be returning to daily, along with weekly giveaways and plenty of subscriber goodies.

I’ll get back to regular posting of my Inside Out columns from the newspaper (there were a few that missed being posted with the craziness of 13 Days of Giveaways), and I’ve got a big surprise for readers who like to write (hint, hint) coming at the end of the month.

I also need help from y’all. I have been told it’s time to pick my favorite newspaper columns from the year in a bid to try to reclaim my title of Best Column from the New York Newspaper Association. So I need some ideas – they’re all tagged with “Inside Out,” so if you, the readers, would go to the tag “Inside Out” and pick a few (?), I’d be eternally grateful!

Happy New Year y’all!

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