Yes, He Did! And Somebody Else Won Too

When I finally tore myself away from the proceedings on the TV today (bad parent alert: I picked my kid up early from nursery school to make sure we’d get home in time to see our president take the oath of office!), I realized I had to pick a winner for the Yes We Can giveaway.

Honestly, this has left me more conflicted than any other giveaway. Do I take the kick-hiney Obama action figure and run?

Tempting, tempting.

But as I’ll lose all credibility with giveaway sponsors in the future . . . and I have nowhere to hide with the thing . . . I did the usual (oh-so-boring, and very responsible) choosing.

And I cracked up. Because the winner is a friend – and a friend who I know coveted this thing as much as I did. Did I tell you I got e-mails from people on this one? I have NEVER gotten e-mails from people on giveaways – but I got e-mails on this one people. Not one, many.

So, without further ado. . . the winner of the Obama action figure and pile of political books from Scholastic, who hails most appropriately from Chicago, is the one, the only: Lilysea!

To the rest of you, please, stop crying, it is an incredibly happy day!! And, there is another good giveaway going on if you hadn’t noticed – from Kitson Kids!! So register to be one of the two winners – I promise that, as tempting as it may be, I won’t keep that one for myself either.

Sigh. . . sucks to be me. But it works for the rest of you…

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  1. good parent alert teaching your little one about the democratic process! i’ve been tagged – view it now

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