East Meets Brazil, and the Weather’s Fine

Punxsatawney Phil be darned. I’m ready for spring.

And not just to be done with wet feet and puffy parkas. The Tea Collection has let fly word about its spring line – and let’s just say it’s jets to Brazil. The darker hues of winter meet the splashes of bright Rio-inspired colors to ease them out of the doldrums.

The Liberdade Plaid Dress liberates little girls from the same old character-imprinted frock, and what it lacks in decoration it makes up for in a simple elegance that’s both feminine and fun. She can be a little girl and look it too. Best of all? She can don spring now with a pair of Tea Collection’s jeans and a tee to go.

For your little man, Tea Collection’s slipping some Carnivale-inspired hoodies and henleys on the racks to keep them warm until they can once again start kicking the soccer ball around the block.

Come on spring, our little citizens of the world can’t hardly wait.

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