Fly Me to a Polka Dot Moon

Sick of the perforated sheets of the same old, same old Valentines but not Martha enough to make your own?

Fly on over to Polka Dot Moon. Mom Denise (she has a Jillian, but that only won her bonus points in my book!) has put heart and soul into creating a line of cards, gift tags and other ephemera that are hard not to love.

Taking the “less is more” attitude” to paper art, Polka Dot Moon’s simple styles are feminine and sweet, with flashes of the extraordinary that pop out at you without taking away from their sheer simplicity.

Where you see carnival tickets, Denise saw prizes for a sweetheart – and a set of 12 is just $1.13. So you can buy one for every kid in the class and still have cash for Valentine cupcakes that are sweet enough to eat and newspaper posies that carry all the funk that was fit for the print.

Polka Dot Moon’s got you covered for Valentine’s Day – they’ll make you a star in your kids’ eyes this holiday.

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