Get Fit On the Road

Getting to the gym may be out, but you’ve figured out what to do at home to get your jiggly butt moving. Now you’re heading out on the road. What do you do?

Take the Fit Traveler off the shelves.

A book stocked with a fitness band and easy directions for workouts that work anywhere (even at home if you’re still searching for the right thing for you), the Fit Traveler was crafted by “fitness globetrotters” Kari Eide and Lissa Mueller. When an accident kept Kari out of the gym, Lissa came to her – and they worked out a workout that you could do sitting in your family room with the kids or in the bedroom before the kids wake up.

Forget the gym guru that doesn’t get what it takes to carve out a few minutes here and a few minutes there when your kids are otherwise engaged. The Fit Traveler works for you – so you can work out . . . for you.

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