Have a Good Night On Us

If you’re a night owl, you’re bound to find your child is an early bird. It’s murphy’s law.

What if it didn’t have to be that way? The Good Nite Lite has been earning attention in the parenting world as a mini miracle worker, aimed at getting kids off to bed earlier and keeping them in their rooms later.

Does it work? Yes . . . but I will warn you that if you have a “scared of the dark kid,” the efficacy of the set, sleep, learn system is cut in half.

The round face of the light turns blue at a pre-set time (I warn you, it is difficult to set, READ THE DIRECTIONS) looking fairly similar to the moon of their favorite kiddie books to let them know it’s time for bed. The light will dim as the night goes on to diminish the potential sleep disturbance.

By morning, it’s ready to light up not only the center face but the surrounding “rays” in yellow to let the child know it’s time to get up. This is likely the most useful part for parents – until the “sun” turns yellow, they can direct their kids to stay in bed. Some parents have taken to drawing on their kids’ clocks – letting them know they should stay in bed until the minute and hour hands hit the big drawing, but this does the job nicely. What’s more, it works as a night light as kids are going off to bed, and the dimmer switch (which goes into effect during the day too) reduces electricity consumption.

Think your tot could use the help? Get the Good Nite Lite here.

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  1. Pretty great idea… Now, will it work for my kids? =)

  2. Hmmmm…..Great idea! One thought…what about daylight savings time?Maybe it has an option like the computers etc LOL!Melissa Smith

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