Robbert Bobbert and the Bubble Machine

I’m not big on the word “best,” it seems to exclusionary.

But I’m pulling out the big guns for Robbert Bobbert and the Bubble Machine.

It is the BEST children’s CD my daughter has ever become obsessed with.

The first album for kids from Apples in Stereo’s indie-rocker Robert Schneider, it’s a little bit pop, a little bit funk and a lot of fun.

The tunes are intelligent and catchy, short enough to keep the kids listening (the CD itself is just over twenty minutes long), long enough to tell a story. And the stories are some of the best bits of the disc – like the high pitched rodent tracked by a giant human (Fee Fi Fo, Fee Fi Fum) who raps about changing his ways from snack stealer to model mouse.

Drawing comparisons to everyone from the Beach Boys to Cake, Robbert Bobbert isn’t just bearable for adults, it’s an album added to the iPod and played in loops. Because they will beg for it again . . . and again . . . and again.

Get it at Amazon, or sign up for the giveaway over at Strollerderby.

Check out a few of the clips at Schneider’s Robbert Bobbert Myspace.

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