She’s Pinking it Up

The OtterBox giveaway closed up last night, and I could pick only one winner with Random – but they’ve still got a special going on for Valentine’s Day.

Buy a pink case anytime, and 10 percent of your purchase goes straight to the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade. Buy one by Feb 16 to celebrate the holiday, and OtterBox is kicking in free shipping.

For the first time, a former sponsor of an Inside Out giveaway is actually a winner! The very talented Leah Waarvik (creator of the I Sit and Stay book for kids) walks away with an iPod or iPhone cover from OtterBox.

Also remember new subscribers in February are entered to win one of 11 prizes from Become Beauty, so if you haven’t already, subscribe. If you have (subscribed that is), you can still win a gift pack by referring a friend – just tell them to shoot me an e-mail letting me know what subscriber referred them.

And in case you need a laugh . . . or just some thought-provocation . . new over at Strollerderby:

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