Think Fun . . . and Chocolate

They had me at chocolate.

You too, huh?

ThinkFun has been spinning games out of its offices for 20 years, but the Chocolate Fix is the one game for kids that makes adults stop and salivate. A game of logic for kids 8 and up, the game board looks markedly like the square box of candies you picked up for your sweetie last Valentine’s Day.

Chocolate Fix puts kids in the role of candy store owner to fill orders and follow them too. A thinking kids game, it’s sweetest for its Soduku-like simplicity – fewer pieces to work with means fewer pieces to get lost in the house. What’s more, for kids with younger siblings, the parts are large enough they won’t become a swallowing hazard.

ThinkFun has tasted success with Chocolate Fix – check out what else they’ve got in store to get their little minds going.

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