This messy desk is sign of busy mind

Somehow last week’s Inside Out from the Democrat never made it on the Web! So you get a twofer today!


The funny thing about splitting your work between home and an office is the need for organization… and the utter lack of it.
My desk at the Democrat is now legendary. A giant box has been created for the community birthday cards, lest they be buried under the pile of papers on Jeanne Sager’s desk and never make it to the happy holidaymaker.
It’s OK – I’m taking it in stride.
My desk might be messy, but what is it they say about a messy desk and a busy mind?
With my daughter enrolled in nursery school, I’m spending more time in the office these days – and getting more phone calls.
I’m also finding more paper piling up on my desk.
Remember all those promises that we’d one day find ourselves in a paper-free society thanks to the computer age? I’m still waiting.
There are mass company memos and press releases that are faxed to every media outlet – regardless of content.
There are pieces of paper scribbled with a phone number and dropped on my desk with the idea that I’ll deduce from the handwriting who to talk to.
There are those insidious one-day-at-a-time calendar pages too cute to throw away or too funny for someone to let me miss.
Throw in the pile of reporter’s notebooks full of notes from every board meeting, press conference and one-on-one interview, mock-ups of the pages you’ll see in the paper on a Tuesday or Friday and the desk essentials like my phone and computer, and you have yourself a mess.
But it’s OK.
I know where my calendar is, my mouse and my monitor.
I can find the phone number for the appropriate authority on a moment’s notice – even if I have to pick it out of my brain because I can’t find the Rolodex (yes, we still have those around here).
I can wrangle a wad of old meeting minutes from just the right place to provide background on a story, and I can unearth a picture of my daughter to share with a visitor.
It’s a messy desk that’s well matched with the messy mind.
Now where was that birthday card?
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