Up Up With the Hilarity – and the Valentines

OK, I’ll quit with the Valentine’s posts soon enough (February 14 can’t come fast enough for some of you people, can it?).

But first, one of the funniest card-makers on the net. Julie at UpUp has mixed a wicked sense of humor with an incredible sense of style.

Her Crazy Love cards are the Valentine’s you can give your guy without having him give you that tight smile and promptly chucking it in the garbage when he gets to work. Case in point: Crazy Love Card II (inspired by a true story):

I love you so much that if you woke me in the middle of th enight to yell at me for stealing the covers I would forgive you by morning.

Can’t see yourself saying it? Then don’t bother looking. But if that’s you all over (it’s me, it’s me!), the rest of of UpUp will pump up the love quotient this Valentine’s Day.

Even better? She’s got her own take on kids Valentines too, like the animals set that you can order for a mere $3 and print yourself (calculate the savings in your head Mom, it adds up fast).

Check out UpUp, and if you’re not crazy in love, you might want to sit this V-Day out.

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  1. And for anyone who is so over valentines day already, I just debuted a new funny card, available as a print-your-own pdf file or as a folded note card with envelope. It reads,”May your taxes be simple and your refund plentiful.”

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