Welcome to a Live Voice

And your extension, Ma’am?”
They always ask that – as if extensions are ubiquitous these days, as if the ability to bypass the real live go-between is some sort of achievement.
I get the sneaking suspicion I annoy people with my cheery response: “No extension here, we have a real person answering the phone!”
Drat. Foiled again.
I admit it can be a burden to me too. All I want to do is call in to check my messages, and a busy member of the office staff is forced to put me on hold and send me off to my own desk upstairs.
I feel like I’m wasting his or her time.
And yet, there are those human moments. The hello, how do you dos? The bit of gossip about what’s going on at the office while I’m working from home. The back and forth about the weather.
I like talking to a real person. Especially now that I spend a bulk of my time at home with a toddler, I crave that connection to the adult world.
Don’t you?
How many times have you yelled at a machine – “I just want to talk to someone, I just want answers”? How many times have you pressed 1 and 1 and 1 and 1 and begun smashing your fingers into the buttons, begging for that “boop” to bring a voice to the phone?
And yet, we angle for the extension, the direct line, the time saving option of bypassing the human being in favor of a digital voice.
Not me.
I might be a bit smug about it all, but I’m proud to say I can offer you the option of talking to a human being instead of a machine.
Try it – you might like it.
They’ll chat about the weather with you too, maybe even offer up some gossip.
Just remember they’re busy too – they have people calling in for messages.

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