Yoga to the Rescue

Parents probably need to work out more than most – we tote kids around to the detriment of our backs, and then there’s the pregnancy weight (for her) and the sympathy weight (for her partner).

Now how many parents do you know who have time for the gym? Forget about it.

For those of us who need it (not just parents but the busy, busy, busy who don’t have kids) Rescue Girl comes tumbling through with the Yoga Deck, a thick packet of sturdy cardboard cards on a key ring that breaks down what you need to know to get more sleep, get over your hangover or just jumpstart your butt out of the jiggles.

Broken out in to sections for energy, sanity, sexy, restoration, and more, the Yoga Deck is a beginner’s guide to feeling better without either breaking the bank or breaking the family routine. Pulling you out of your rut with simple routines that work anywhere for anyone, the Rescue Girl is worth her weight in gold. . . and she’ll help you get rid of yours.


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