Daylight Saves Me

All morning, I’ve listened quietly to people whining about the time change.
Their Facebook statuses reflect their utter contempt for the day, and they’ve yawned emphatically to remind everyone how tiiiiired they are.
I’m not a robot, I’ve made sympathetic noises.
But I’ve got a secret.
I love it.
Losing an hour of sleep I’m not so crazy about. Nor am I fond of the extra hour spent trying to convince a 3-year-old that it really is time to get to bed because, it really is bedtime, even if it doesn’t feel like it. Or of that same toddler not wanting to be roused from said bed the next morning because she is also tiiiiiiired, and she doesn’t caaaaare that you have to go to work.
If I could curl up in footie pajamas and sleep, I would too.
But it’s one hour. One measly hour.
In exchange, we don’t have to wake up to the sun bouncing off the snow and glaring through the windows. We can be snarly in the morning without the brightness adding insult to injury.
And by the time we’re really awake (around 5 p.m. or so), there it is – the sun. Bright. Shiny. Willing to stick around for a few more hours.
Yes, I’m the Daylight Savings Time cheerleader. Just don’t call me Pollyanna – I leave the sunshine in the sky.
I did cheer the Congressional switch that elongated our days of extra evening sunlight. I lobbied hard (OK, complained loudly in a local sense) for them to say bye bye to regular time and keep the daylight savings in effect year-round.
Think about it – no more driving home in the dark on a December afternoon when the deer blend closely with the sand-covered shoulders of the road and the dead trees. No more dragging out the garbage to the curb in the dark of a January evening, the process hampered by dark and bitter cold.
Does anyone actually enjoy that?
They all love that extra hour of sleep come November, but what if we never lost another hour again?
What if we just kept the status quo, kept daylight going?
You can whine about being tired all you want – but this is what I call a yawn of contentment.
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