Save on Tears When You Spend on Labels

It was only a matter of time.

Kids love to carry their treasures everywhere they go. But while a teddy bear may mean all the world to them, it’s nothing during that five seconds they see a bug on the ground, and set the bear down to investigate. It’s not until hours later that it all sets in – I left Bear, and I’ll never see him agaaaaaain.

Or not.

Oliver’s Labels
has stepped in where other label makers have failed. Affix a label listing your kid’s name to their favorite toy, and the finder is linked straight to the Oliver’s Website. There they stick in the code listed on the label, which Oliver’s has linked to an e-mail for Mom and Dad in the system.

No more listing a kid’s name and address on the label and hoping some creep doesn’t pick up Teddy. The company acts as go-between, so parents never have to share personal information, and Teddy still makes it home safe.

Also stocked with mini labels for the not-so-important stuff – like the sippy cups that you’d like to keep separate from those of the perpetually-sick kid next door but you won’t be losing sleep over if they’re gone – Oliver’s has got the whole family covered. And soon, all of your stuff will be sporting a label.

Don’t leave home without it.

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