This frumpster can sing like an angel

If you haven’t seen the Susan Boyle video yet, please, get yourself to a computer.
Heck, turn on a TV set. Because the 47-year-old who wowed the crowd (and Mr. Smarmy Pants himself, Simon Cowell) at Britain’s Got Talent earlier in the month has been doing live feed interviews with news crews on our side of the pond.
And they’re all playing the frumpster’s incredible rendition of “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Miserables.
So Boyle won’t be vying for pin-up of the week, but I was royally PO’d watching people laugh at the poor lady onstage before she opened her mouth.
Yes, before she opened her mouth.
After she belted out one of my favorite songs, I sobbed (have you listened to the words? how have you managed to keep a dry eye?), and I gave a “you go girl!” to the screen.
She had the guts to show them the frump doesn’t make the woman.
Take that, world!
Maybe I’ve taken it all so personally because I am now the frump.
Never Ms. Fashionista, I’ve found that life post-pregnancy is made up of six different pairs of jeans and a big pile of sweatshirts (some stolen from my husband’s side of the closet).
I’m a walking, talking example of “What Not to Wear.” And, like Boyle, I don’t give a horse’s patootie.
Of course, unlike Boyle, I can’t sing like a goddess.
But we all have our talents (Britain certainly does), and most of us have written someone off based on a cursory once over.
It’s a luxury we can ill afford.
Think like that, and one day a Susan Boyle is going to show you up.
Maybe you’ll be lucky and it will be one who sings like an angel.

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  1. You are NOT a frump.

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