Win the Newest Member of the Calico Critters Family

Calico Critters have gone cuddly!

The new plush line from Cloverleaf Corners is bring the sweet forest animals to the bedroom, with soft friends for hugging off to dreamland. I reviewed them this week for Droolicious, and now I have an extra to give away to one Inside Out reader.

Want to get one for your little bunny? Check out my review at Droolicious, which links you to the four different critters in the line. Pick your favorite, and leave a comment here telling me which one it is. Get extra entries by grabbing my badge and/or blogging about this contest and all (remember to leave the link in comments as well).

Open to U.S. and Canadian residents, the contest will close on April 20, so remember to check back or subscribe at left to be notified right away. NEW SUBSCRIBERS for the month of April will all be entered to win the new Tamagotchi Music Star from Bandai.

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  1. eeeek! so darling! i love calico critters. my favorite is Calico Critters Nibbles Norwood Mouse 😀 so cute. thank you kindly for sharing this info and offering this generous giveaway. i’ll be sure to rss feed your blog- thanks again! =^..^=

  2. My daughter would love Lauren Fisher Cat. She is all about the cats! Thanks! 🙂

  3. I like the mouse. SO cute!Thanks for the chancebecky at harts dot name

  4. Hi, We like the Willow Cottontail Rabbit the best. Thanks and blessings, Stefanie Hartman

  5. I vote for nibbles mouse

  6. I like Willow Cottontail Rabbit.

  7. I guess I’m old school. My favorite is the little bear. These are really adorable!

  8. Penny Petite Bear is adorable…I think she is my favorite! Thanks for the review and giveaway!

  9. Since we have cats I think that Lauren Fisher Cat is our favorite.

  10. I am a subscriber

  11. after spending an hour at the local animal shelter today and cuddling every kitty paw that made its way through the cages, we have to go with the Lauren Fisher cat for a favorite!

  12. I like Lauren Fisher Cat.

  13. lauren fisher cat 🙂

  14. I really love Nibbles the Norwood Mouse. How adorable they all are! Thank you so much!

  15. blogged

  16. button

  17. I love the Fisher Cat!

  18. I have your badge on my blog.

  19. Penny Petite Bear is sooo cute!

  20. i gotta go with nibbles norwood mouse, how cute is he!!!

  21. nibbles for me!!

  22. I used to play with Calico Critters when I was a kid and they were known as Sylvanian Family (at least I’m pretty sure they’re the same). 😀 I love the Calico Critters Nibbles Norwood Mouse best!

  23. Norwood – love that name, and it’s sooo cute!

  24. I love Nibbles Norwood Mouse, although the others are very cute too. Thanks for the chance to enter!

  25. Nibbles Norwood Mouse gets my vote absolutely a cutie!

  26. My fave is Penny Petite Bear, what a cutie!

  27. I think my little daughter Summer would like the Calico Critters Nibbles Norwood Mouse the best!

  28. your button is on my blog here

  29. Calico Critters Nibbles Norwood Mouse is really cute!mommyhoodisthankless{AT}

  30. I have your button on my blog: Heremommyhoodisthankless{AT}

  31. I love the Willow Cottontail Rabbit,adorable!! I love rabbits Thanks

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