A Gift to Chill Out Mom

Invitations to baby showers are piling up, and you don’t have time to hit the store for every single blessed registries. Skip them all and head for the Qube.

The makers of emergency preparedness kits for families have come up with a one-stop shower gift that will fit every mom-to-be and her baby. The Ice-Qube Baby to Go comes stocked with a full set of baby toiletries in sample size (perfect for stowing in the diaper bag), all the medical supplies you need for simple (non hospital) baby medical care, plus extras of everything kids lose on the go (think pacifers, toy keys).

With a onesie and actual diapers, it’s an extra diaper bag already stocked in one big sturdy cardboard square. All mom has to do after the shower is shove it in the trunk of her car. You just bought her peace of mind . . . she can chill out now.

Get the Baby to Go Ice Qube for $96.82 (remember what you’d pay for each of those items individually).

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