Celebrate “Lost Sock” Memorial Day With a Free Set of Socks

In our house, we blame it on the dryer gnomes. Also known as the mysterious force that walks off with just one sock of any particular set.

The folks over at Little MissMatched have made that a problem of the past with their mismatched sets of three socks – that’s right, there are no pairs, and hence you’re never one sock short! With rockin’ colors and designs that are always a little bit off, you’ll find something for your little girl and you too (they have ’em for kids AND for women).

It’s a way to play Mommy and Me and still be unique (and keep your feet warm).

And since this weekend is Lost Sock Memorial Day (which they didn’t make up, believe it or not), you can get two sets for the price of one from Little MissMatched. The offer is good from May 7th through the 11th, so check out Little Miss Matched!

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