If You Had a Parenting Do-Over

Although I’m firmly in the “one and done” camp, I’m one of those obsessive (OK, anal) types who ponders what it would be like to have a “do over” with your kid.

Not a second kid, but a repeat of the first. So I could fix things. Or, at least, not totally screw them up royally!

I pondered whether I’m the only one over at Strollerderby this week, with a list of some of my “do-overs,” including:

  1. So you were told never to wake a sleeping baby? Someone please tell the nurses at the hospital where I delivered. Because I was waking that kid every two hours to attempt nursing . . . even at 2 a.m. No wonder I never slept.
  2. Worried less that I was going to drop her. Carrying my friend’s baby in a football hold recently, I realized I NEVER would have been that carefree with my daughter, and why not?

What are yours? Go weigh in on the post and see what other parents would do again and most definitely WOULD NOT.

If You Had a Parenting Do-Over

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  1. A parent do over – I’m in. There are so many things I would have changed, not that my child is horrible and I have done a bad job, but just would have worried less about how tidy things were and spent more time doing things. Time just went so fast and I feel like I could have spent more time.

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