She Won a Dainty Necklace!

I know it’s past mother’s day, and I’m behind on naming some winners here, but I’m home from my (not-so-restful – are they ever?) vacation, and I let do some naming for me!

First up, the winner of the dainty necklace from Homespun City:

Meg R

Sorry to those of you who didn’t win (this is my favorite prize, ever, that I’ve given away, so I really do feel badly!), but you can always stop by the shop and, well, shop!

Winner of the Calico Critters from last month:

Janet W

Winner of the Mugen Pop Pop:

Jennifer (I confess, this one I already gave to her – I know her personally – but she’s been bugging me to post on here that she won!)

I’ve been remiss, but if the winners would shoot me an e-mail to claim their prize? Thanks guys!

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