Why Daddies Don’t Babysit

When my daughter was born, I already knew my husband had the makings of a Wonder Dad. I married him, after all. I just didn’t expect to hear about it everywhere I went: the glowing tones, the gushing from other women, the constant reminders that I “picked a good one,” because he not only knew how to change a diaper, but did so.

It’s why daddies don’t babysit, and it’s my new essay over at Babble this week! Check it out:



  1. I just saw this on Babble and really appreciated it. I am a father who loves spending time with our little girl. I work from home so when I keep her during the week or take her on weekends when my wife has things to do it shocks people. Next time I’ll just respond by saying No, I don’t babysit. I parent.

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