Just Being Objective . . . It Was the Best Ever

Anyone who thinks they can step back from judging a performance that included their kid needs to take a cold can of soda and place it directly on the back of the neck.

Sunday’s tractor parade was the best ever.

Yeowwwch, that was cold.

Yes, it is with complete bias that I pass judgement this year on my favorite of all of the country fairs and festivals of a Sullivan County summer.

My kid was in the parade this year, how could it not have been good?

True, she co-opted the lap already filled by her cousin, J-P. True, she was just one of hundreds of people sitting atop farm equipment new and old puttering down Main Street.

But with great-uncles Mike and Leo sharing the view from atop a tractor, my oil and dirt-covered daughter was living what brings thousands to Callicoon every year.

One part diesel fumes, two parts noise and an extra dash of heat that makes for a heady rush of pure excitement, it’s a parade that has sucked in the skeptics and spit out believers.

You don’t just go to one tractor parade.

You may not come for the same reason as your neighbor, but you come all the same.
To ride in a different kind of style.

To hear people cheer for you one day a year.

To cheer for something as patently ridiculous as a boy in a bathtub being pulled by a tractor.

To sniff the air and go back to being 5-years-old on grandpa’s knee on his tractor.

To laugh and carry on where the entertainment is free, and the company is good.

You don’t have to “get” the tractor parade.

You just have to let it happen.

And if someone offers you a ride, hop on. You might find it’s the best tractor parade . . . ever.

Well, until the one where your kid gets a ride.

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