The Magic was Spectacular

You know the old adage try looking at something through a child’s eyes?

Friday afternoon, I tried a pair of Jillian spectacles on for size. I’ll blame the pinch of their small size for the tears that leaked out the edges.

It was a “Mommy, Jilly and Oma Day” in New York City, a trip to see the Christmas Spectacular at Radio City.

A tradition for many families, this was my daughter’s first trip to Radio City, although ironically it was her second trip to the city to see a show in less than a week (a set of free tickets to cover a Disney show in the city the weekend before was a sort of trial run for a pre-schooler’s attention span).

It was my second visit; the first made well before she was born. And while I marveled at the Rockettes and their synchronized feats of fancy footwork, I admit I was tired the first time around.

By the time the Wurlitzer players began the closing, I was ready to go back to our hotel.

Not Friday.

I could have withstood at least a handful more of “how did they do thats?” and at least a dozen more “Mommy, Santa waved at mes.” Ask me my favorite part, and I can tell you the Rockettes have been falling backward in slow motion in toy soldier suits since 1933. Ask her, and she becomes thoughtful. “I didn’t have a favorite part,” she explains. “Oh no?”
“No, I liked the whole thing!”

My taste of the holidays in recent years is brimming with flavors – the nutmeg, the cinnamon, the pure sugar of childhood sweetness. And the Christmas Spectacular Santa’s explanation of the art of being in more than one place at the same time has ensured I’ll get at least a few more years of sugar on my tongue.

There’s magic in those glasses, even when they’re two sizes too small.

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  1. How fun! The Rockettes didn't come to Chicago this year which was a shame. I would love to take the kids.

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