Help Me: I Miss the Carols

I pondered whether my last confession of 2009 would blast my reputation forever. And then I realized, my 4-year-old knows she’s cooler than I will ever be.

So here it is folks: I miss the Christmas carols.

Yes, it’s just a few days after Christmas and I’m swimming in pine needles and still trying to determine what wrapping paper can go into the recycling bin vs. the pile that needs to be shipped directly to the dump.

And I could use a little holiday cheer injection to keep me going until New Year’s.

I know what you’re thinking – if you have to hear George Michael warn about you giving away his heart again, you’ll take that Christmas tree and put it somewhere unpleasant. But on a cold drive to nursery school, two kids singing Jingle Bells is like a warming plate for those delicate cockles.

And if you’ve ever driven two 4-year-olds to nursery school, you know from cold cockles.
Especially in December.

I admit I’ve been known to moan about the Santa Baby and the Silent Night starting when we’re still up to our ears in Milky Way miniatures. And come two days post-Halloween, 2010, someone should fast remind me of this moment.

I’ll have only myself to blame for the “I told you so” moment.

Still, I can’t help a hankering for a rousing rendition of Good King Wenceslas, a teary I’ll Be Home for Christmas.

Even a non-stop 12 Days of Christmas will do, preferably sung by someone better known in their Muppet costume. Naturally, it should be followed up by the Chipmunk song – the squeakier the pleas for a hula hoop, the better.

There omnipresence during the holiday season is as comforting as all those “Christmas miracle” feel good stories nestled between the Wall Street meltdowns and crime notes that could have been written by the Grinch himself.

But where the latter will continue, the carols disappear too quickly, with their solace of the season.

On second thought, I’ll even take a Wham! Christmas song – just spare me the bad news for a few more days?

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