Hometown Santa’s Got the Advantage

“There’s that little girl from Callicoon Center!”

It couldn’t have been a better greeting from Santa. Her eyes got wide – he knows where I live.

Then he kicked it up a notch. “Did you spend the day with Grandpa Steve?”

OK, so she calls him Opa – but she knows his first name, and so did SANTA!

She was ready for launch – and she did, directly to his shoulders, where she wrapped her arms tight around his neck and snuggled her little chin into his whiskers and refused to let go.

The photographer with the camera wasn’t incentive for the hambone to turn around. She had her man.

She did turn of course, to whisper sweet nothings tinged with My Little Pony in his ear, while he asked her about her Uncle Alex and said hi to Mommy by name. No – my other name, the one you see atop this column.

The folks behind the Main Street festivities in downtown Jeffersonville joke this is the sort of full-service Christmas only they can give. They’re half right. Nowhere else will you walk into a full service Santa workshop with an elf who tells your child she puts the tails on the My Little Pony (and inspires said daughter to bestow her with a kiss while ignoring one of her favorite aunts standing nearby).

You won’t find professional photographers volunteering at the mall or a $3 per child cover charge that puts half of the money into the local food bank, the other half into the festivities that will be held again next year for the kids.

We stuck around the house for the honored Santa visit because we like to shop local, support local, etc.

But they got a little help this particular week when I heard just “which” Santa had opened up his lap for the afternoon.

He’s my Santa.

No, really. He’s the one Santa I remember showing up at my front door in the middle of the night as a child, just to check that I was being good in the build up to the holiday season.

My parents never warned us – just let us think that Kris Kringle made house calls. It kept us on our toes.

And it kept the magic alive.

Which is the gift Santa gave a little girl on Saturday. He won’t be able to get her My Little Pony hair clippies or a My Little Pony house. But he let her know Santa is watching over her, and Santa loves her.

Who is YOUR Santa?

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