Sleeping My Way Into 2010

sleepy feetIf the first few hours of 2010 are any indication of the year to come, I should be able to indulge in my favorite things. After all, I started the year doing the one thing that ranks near the tippy top of my list.

Yes, at midnight I was conked out in my bed. It was blissful.

And I know it won’t last much longer. But with my husband slated to work the next day and my daughter enjoying the spoils out of the house, I had two distinct choices – complete Season 2 of Gossip Girl on DVD alone in the living room or curl up in bed with my personal space heater (aka the sleeping husband).

If you’ve felt the wind whipping through Sullivan County in the past few days, you can’t fault me for choosing the path less taken. Or as I just admitted to watching Gossip Girl – nay, owning a CW soap opera on DVD – perhaps you think I need to sleep my way back to a few more brain cells. 2010 is to be the year I celebrate 10 years of marriage, the year I become the mother of a kindergartner. It was about time I grew up and realized – life is for doing what you love. And did I mention how much I love sleep?

It rates up there not far below my family and just a smidge higher than fried noodles with amounts of salt that will become verboten as soon as my doctor figures out just how copious. Mmm, salt, another lusty love.

Where was I? Ah, yes, with that entrance to kindergarten slated for our-not-so-distant future, I’m looking to 12 years of early rising. That’s a solid dozen years of alarm clocks, of greeting the sun as it rises in the east, of listening to the blah, blah, blah between the snow delay announcements that signal permission to roll over and snuggle once again with my pillow.

Forget the salt, I can feel my blood pressure climbing already. So pardon my resistance to the phrase “you can sleep when you’re dead.” I’d prefer to get in a few more hours – now.

Happy New Year – it’s time for a cat nap.

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