The Candy Mom Mixes it With Love and Makes the World Go Round

There’s something about a holiday weekend that just begs for traditions to be hauled out of the closet.

And with a cold that’s been ravaging my ears and throat for the past week, it was a weekend meant for cuddling on the couch . . . and not much else.

Put them together, and what do you get?

Willy Wonka night, an old Sager tradition, unfurled in all its sugared glory for our daughter this weekend.

So it doesn’t have roots to the old country or religious overtones. It’s one of those guilt-ridden pleasures that’s shown up in my marriage almost yearly since we tied the knot.

And 4-year-olds are ripe for indoctrination.

In fact, the more 4-year-olds you can get on our bandwagon, the better the world will be, so let me set the scene.

A living room with Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory in the DVD player. Accept no poor Johnny Depp imitations here, I’m talking the original Gene Wilder kooky classic requisite with its scary river scene. Covering of eyes is acceptable here (although take it from my 4-year-old, the fizzy lifting drinks scene might be worse).

The eats: chocolate, gummies, Skittles and every other item of naughty goodness to be found on the shelves closest to the cash register. Better yet – hit the long aisle with the bags of miniatures. It never hurts to have reserves.

The party will commence thusly: hit play on your remote, open bag of candy, pop sugary goodness in your mouth. Lather, rinse, repeat.

How can I introduce a child to this debauchery, you ask? This is bad parenting at its core for sure.
Perhaps, but I’ll challenge you to watch Willy Wonka without a bag of candy at your side.

And I’ll challenge you to have a taste for candy anytime soon after that one night of sugarspun gluttony.

Traditions are marvelous, aren’t they? And that’s why they’re shelved for once-yearly viewing.

Happy celebrating!

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